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The Nature in the Garage
Color Match© Tournament at City Hall

Twenty-one Color Match games were played the weekend of July 7-9, 2006 inside City Hall as part of the Nature in the Garage exhibition curated by Janet Bellotto. The matches took place next to Noboru Tsubaki's UN application shed project, one of ten participating exhibitors.

Under the supervision and officiating of Patricia Ritacca, Christina Rossi, Gina Catroppa, and Steve Rockwell. Nineteen of the games were split between Friday and Saturday. The two Sunday matches were played by Howard Book vs. Y.M. Wheelan, and Nature in the Garage curator Janet Bellotto vs. Gina Catroppa. All matches are submitted here to be viewed on the web. Winners are determined by votes.

To vote on your preference in the matches numbered from 1 - 21, simply state the game of your choice by number and email it to:


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